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Dr. Braun is now practicing under a new practice name and model, please see below or click the green button to see new website!

Dr. Heidi M Braun

Dear Patient,

Many of you already have come to know me as a caring physician who takes time with you during your visits so you don’t feel rushed and I can address every problem you may have. Some of you have told me that they switched to me from their former doctor, because they did not like being herded like cattle, or because they felt like a number rather than an individual.

Unfortunately the current US healthcare system does not allow me to continue practicing that way any longer. I am having to see ever increasing numbers of patients in order to survive, which means less time to spend with each of you. At the same time there are also ever increasing bureaucratic burdens forced on physicians by government-run and private insurance companies, again taking away time that could be spent with patients.

I decided that I will no longer let third parties dictate how I practice medicine, how I treat my patients and how much time I can spend with them. This is why, after much thought, I have decided to opt out of contracts with all insurance companies and switch to a practice form called Direct Primary Care (DPC). In this model, there will be no insurance, no middle man. The relationship will be directly between you, the patient and me. We will not have to worry about co-pays, deductibles, pre-certifications or any other inflated bureaucracy that helps nobody but the insurances.

If you have not seen me as a patient yet, but would like to, I can promise you that I am now able to help you better than ever before. I encourage you to read through this open letter or skip straight to my new website and find out what DPC is all about.

My patient panel, which used to be 3600 patients, will be limited to only 600. Hence you will be able to communicate with me directly by cell phone, text messaging, email or video conference, I am much more accessible to you. In many cases, you are able to talk to me directly instead of getting a voicemail or nurse call back.  I will also be able to accommodate your schedule better, since in many instances you may not even have to see me at the office, I can be treated over the phone, which means you will not have to leave work or limit your private activities.

Remeber, this is not about saving money, this is about improving healthcare. However, a perk is that in many cases, there are significant cost savings. Your healthcare spending will become predictable, since you will not have to worry about unforeseen bills by me or the insurance company after your visit. Instead you have one set monthly feet hat includes all my services. I will also be dispensing medications and labs at a fraction of what you are paying right now, which means additional savings of up to 98% for you.


Best regards,
Heidi M. Braun, MD